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The Park and its archaeological sites: a unique combination

At Circeo National Park, archaeology is not just important, but rather essential: archaeological preservation and research are among the purposes of the Park Authority, as clearly stated in its very Regulation (1935).

This territory encompasses about one hundred archaeological sites, through which we can gain some insight into Roman settlements around Circe's Promontory. All the sites are scientifically very interesting, but many of them are also wonderful places to visit for any tourist wishing to enjoy the Park's natural as well as historical beauties.

The dockland of Torre Paola, the villas on the shore of Lake Sabaudia, Domitian's villa in the "Quarto freddo", the villages of Bella Farnia and Borgo Piave, the ruins near Casale di Fogliano and Rio Martino are some of the extraordinary places at Circeo National Park.

Without all these features, this territory wouldn't be as charming and unique. Promoting this archaeological wealth, and improving knowledge about the territory, are among the main purposes for which the Park has been working for years, especially to enhance an interdisciplinary perspective between the fields of nature and history.

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