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A rich and varied culinary tradition completes the National Park's extraordinary offer.
Buffalo breeding farms are traditionally situated in the area behind the coastal lakes. The Park territory is encompassed in the production area of DOP buffalo-milk mozzarella from Campania; several large factories are located in the surroundings, but within the Park only breeding takes place, and farms can sell their milk and meat. On State-owned Park areas, pine nuts are produced; fishing is also significant (in the coastal lakes of Caprolace, Monaci, and Fogliano). Grape growing (DOP Circeo wine) and beekeeping, whose main product is eucalyptus honey, are important around the Park territory.

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Caciotta Pontina made with Cow Buffalo's Milk
Hard cheese made with cow buffalo's milk, with a sweet and slightly salty taste. Cylindrical shape, rounds from 1 to 5 kilos, milky white texture and pale yellow rind. Maturation of over 30 days....
PDO - Protected Designation of Origin
Mozzarella Campana made with Cow Buffalo's Milk PDO
It is a fresh pulled-curd cheese, obtained exclusively from fresh, whole, and raw or eventually pasteurized cow buffalo's milk. In the cheese factory, cow buffalo's milk is adequately filtered...
Eucalyptus Honey from the Pontina Plain
Eucalyptus Honey from the Pontina Plain
Single-flower honey obtained from the nectar of the flowers of Eucalyptus spp. It can be liquid or crystallized, according to the marketing season. Eucalyptus honey has organoleptic features recalling...
Animals with large hoofs and imposing musculature, buffalos were used to work in marshy grounds long before the drainage transformed them into fertile lands. According to some historians, the buffal...
Autochthonous Breed and Meat
Circeo DOC
Circeo DOC
The vines used are Malvasia di Candia and Trebbiano for the white wine, Merlot and Sangiovese for the red wines: the result is a fresh wine, with citrus fruits and apple fragrances....

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