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The extent and importance of Circeo National Park's archaeological heritage, as well as its location within valuable natural areas, led to a Memorandum of Understanding among the Superintendence for Archaeological Heritage of Region Latium, the Circeo National Park Authority, the State Forestry Corps, and the "La Sapienza" University of Rome. 

The purpose of the Memorandum is to develop synergy among all relevant administrations, in order to improve the understanding and promotion of the protected heritage within Circeo National Park.

Recovering and promoting archaeological assets within a protected area cannot be limited to restoring a monument: this must be part of a wider recovery action, connected with the territory's very nature.

Facing these issues led to the identification of converging and diverging aspects of ecological and archaeological sustainability: while they share in some cases the same challenges (air pollution, impact of buildings, tourism pressure), they usually require different types of intervention for their maintenance and safety.

Thanks to cooperation, it will be possible to define a flexible method of intervention, that will help re-connecting the territory with its past.

The Memorandum of Understanding includes a list of sites where enhanced research is considered a priority:

  • Domitian's villa archaeological complex
  • Casarina archaeological complex
  • Roman thermal baths of Torre Paola
  • Lucullo's pool
  • "Ad Turres Albas" archaeological area in Rio Martino
  • Roman canal of Torre Paola 
  • Ara di Circe 
  • Inscription on Promontorio di Venere 
  • Sepulchres on Via Severiana
  • Villa dei Quattro Venti 
  • Lucullo's fountain
  • Guattari Cave
  • Other caves on the Promontory

The "La Sapienza" University of Rome (Department of History, Archaeology and Ancient Anthropology, Section of Ancient Topography), together with the Superintendence for Archaeological Heritage of Region Latium, the Circeo National Park Authority, and the State Forestry Corps, has begun in 2008 an intense research activity (coordinator: dr. R.Righi, scientific director: Prof. A.M.Jaia, technical director: dr. D.Ronchi) aimed at carrying out inspections, GPS and total station surveys, 3D plans and study of materials. The purpose of these studies is the definition of projects to promote, protect and enlarge the excavations.

The old monastery on Zannone
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