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Park’s environments

A treasure chest of biodiversity

A small area of 8,917 hectares encloses unique sceneries and landscapes.

Circeo National Park was established in 1934 to preserve not a single species, but a rich mosaic of environments.

Establishment took place during radical draining works in the whole Pontine marshes, thus preventing the ancient "Selva di Terracina" from being completely deforested. The portion of the forest that was not clear-cut, together with the Lake of Sabaudia, the coastal dune and the Circeo Promontory constituted the Park's original nucleus.

In 1975, an extension decree included the coastal lakes of Fogliano, Monaci and Caprolace, which together represent one of Italy's most valuable coastal wetlands.

The wonderful and unspoilt island of Zannone became part of the Park in 1979.

Very diverse and mutually necessary environments coexist within the territory of Circeo National Park. Dunes, running along the whole coastline, protect the inland, so that thousands of migratory birds can find refuge in the wetlands and the forest can thrive, sheltered from the salty wind, while birds of prey living on the Promontory glance down on the whole Park as far as the island of Zannone, in the Pontine Archipelago.

Unique views, pristine habitats, plant and animal species will amaze you with their shapes and colours.

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