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Archaeological Sites

Point of InterestLocation
 Ara di CirceAra di Circe
An open-air marvel
San Felice Circeo (LT)
Plenty of sites
Sabaudia (LT)
  Fountain of Mezzomonte
A public water experiment
San Felice Circeo (LT)
 Lucullo’s poolLucullo’s pool
An ancient fish farm
San Felice Circeo (LT)
 Lucullo’s wellLucullo’s well
Refreshment for ancient wanderers
San Felice Circeo (LT)
  Necropolis of Cala dei PescatoriSabaudia (LT)
  Necropolis of Selva PianaSan Felice Circeo (LT)
 Paola canal harbourPaola canal harbour
Great Roman engineering
Sabaudia (LT)
 Rio Martino archaeological areaRio Martino archaeological area
A controversial and fascinating archaeological conundrum
Latina (LT)
 AcropolisThe Acropolis
A shrine or a military work?
San Felice Circeo (LT)
 Thermal baths of Torre PaolaThermal baths of Torre Paola
A fortuitous finding
Sabaudia (LT)
 Villa dei Quattro VentiVilla dei Quattro Venti
A city within the city
San Felice Circeo (LT)
 Villa del PerettoVilla del Peretto
An ancient farm
San Felice Circeo (LT)
  Villa DomizianoVilla di Domiziano
A bridge to the past
Sabaudia (LT)
 Villa Grotta della SibillaVilla Grotta della SibillaSan Felice Circeo (LT)
 Villa Grotta delle Dieci CamereVilla Grotta delle Dieci Camere
Archaeology and nature
San Felice Circeo (LT)

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