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Lucullo’s well

Refreshment for ancient wanderers

The name "Lucullo's well" is probably due to a nearby reservoir known as "Lucullo's pool", thus extending the misinterpretation about its builder to this archaeological site, too.

The well consists of a system to draw water from an emissary of Lake Paola's Bagnara branch; its mechanism is fairly simple yet effective. It consists of only two structures: a cappuccina-roofed duct to collect the water, and a fountain to drink it. The basin is placed in a 10.30x5.85-metre, barrel-vaulted space.

When Piero Cardinale, San Felice's municipal doctor, re-discovered this structure in 1904, it underwent heavy interventions, thus preventing its objective evaluation. However, as it was located on the ancient road from Forum Appii to Circeo, it was probably a water supply station along the way.  

Some historians suggest that this spring partially supplied the villas on the northern shore of Braccio della Bagnara, but no ducts were found; furthermore, building them would have been hard, because of the spring's unsuitable elevation.

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Lucullo’s well
Lucullo’s well
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