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Thermal baths of Torre Paola

A fortuitous finding

This interesting complex was found by chance during road repairs carried out by Piscinara's Consortium for Reclamation in the framework of their works. It consists of three adjoining rooms, that were common in thermal baths: an apodyterium, a calidarium, and a laconicum; the first and the second have a barrel vault ceiling, while the third has a dome ceiling (pseudovault).

The mosaic decoration, featuring a black perimeter band and fairly regular, square tiles (1x1 cm), together with the wall decorations, whose architectural elements are not clearly recognisable, point to the late Republican period. This hypothesis fits with the ceramic items found in the surroundings. The complex could belong to modest public baths or to a sumptuous private domus. Only further excavations will shed some light on this interesting topic.

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Coordinator: dott. R.Righi
Scientific manager: prof. A.M.Jaia
Technical manager: dott. D.Ronchi

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Thermal baths of Torre Paola
Thermal baths of Torre Paola
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